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How to use Zoom and more?

The current Covid crisis has led to a boom in on-line collaboration and communication for the individual professional, the small team, or indeed a full, on-line conference.

This article is intended to give you a quick introduction to the most popular current tools and also a list of nearly everything you could possibly want.

Update: 20.09.2020

High fidelity, professional grade audio is now available on Zoom. Follow this link, discover how to activate it!

See many more hints and tips for Zoom use below on this page….

Update: 25.06.2020

Useful,free and Open Source, simple browser based collaboration/meeting tools.

Designed to be worked from your browser, no downloads or complex registrations – simply choose a unique meeting room name, which auto-generates as a unique url, then share the details with your collaborator(s).



Update: 31.05.2020

A new ‘meeting’ brand on the block! is a new face in the on-line meeting apps. On-line conferencing from Norway.

The free version of the service offers simple rooms, for up to four participants, with the room tag clearly featuring the name you choose.

Links to be sent participants are clear and simple, and there is no time limit even on the free version, as far as we can see.

Paid subscriptions are available, of course, allowing you to brand your meetings, choose backgrounds and have considerably more participants.

Was quick and clean for us..see more

Collaboration Superpowers:

Lists are popular, and this is a list of lists. If you are just beginning to scope communications with clients, professional partners and small groups, then this is for you.

See the list here for a wealth of options

Using Zoom:

The free version of Zoom, a very much ‘of the moment’ group communication tool, limits your per session time to 40 minutes alas.

It is also not without its critics for security, although as of this update (April 2020) Zoom are introducing the concept of the ‘waiting room’. You can find further additional security measures introduced by Zoom on their blog here.

This will enable meeting owners to pre-approve, in effect, joiners to their Zoom session. An approving cheer has risen from the Zoom community.

Discover another full set of Zoom tutorials here…

Get Zoom here

To do lists with Trello:

Another on-line collaborative tool is Trello. To-do lists at full speed and with energy.

List and action plans for all…

You can get Trello here

Group networking with Slack for teams:

Not a new player in the street of collaboration, but widely used by larger businesses, because of the wealth of integrations with other software and tools that, in its maturity, offers the user many diverse collaborative and communication options.

Getting to grips with group comms…

Get Slack here

A giant tool kit – Microsoft Teams:

If you are an Ms Windows users, then we think you will Microsoft Teams useful for large scale or one to one collaboration.

You can create different teams and interact with them discretely. You can chat or go visual with your camera, and also invite members to a team, even if they have a different web-mail address than you.

Even in the free version you can post bulletins, share files and have a common archive.

Talk and share files in your remote workplace…

Get Microsoft Teams here

Go instant, go radical, get Yac...

Yac is a new application on the block. It offers rapid, asynchronous communication, file sharing and image upload.

Quick, responsive and short…

You only get 120 seconds to send your voice message to someone on your contact list, but they are free to respond when they are available.

You can send them a screenshot too.

Try it out, it is much slicker and intuitive than any text description. May even shorten those meetings too.

( Our developers for this site use it to send confirmation of code changes to their team members. Messages which trigger action, but do not necessarily need long replies…).

Get Yac here

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Normal to be anxious in difficult times!

An informative article from Yahoo News is available, authored by Alexandra Thompson, which contains a range of galleries, notes and advice for coping with the current Covid crisis.

Something new will emerge…something useful and safe!

Why it’s normal to be anxious about the end of lock-down


A gallery: Ways to lower stress and anxiety around coronavirus (Eat This, Not That!)

A gallery: Coronavirus in the UK – fifty slides by Alex Pantling, using the resources of Getty Images, to highlight facets of people’s response to an emerging new ‘normal’.

Finally, a detailed explanation of the latest health guidelines from the government.

See more on MSN News here:

Anxious Image: Nik Shuliahin, Creative Commons, Unsplash

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‘…committed to the people of West Norfolk’

We are into Mental Health Awareness Week, and our commitment to positive mental health and well-being has been noticed. We are in the newspaper too!

Reading about good mental health in difficult times…we are here to help

Our page headline in the Lynn News reads ‘King’s Lynn mental health charity committed to the people of West Norfolk‘.

Support your local press

A West Norfolk mental health charity says it is committed to delivering support and services to the local people of King’s Lynn at the start of Mental Health Awareness week.

The One to One Project has accepted the challenge caused by the pandemic and has adapted its services to enable continued support for existing clients…’

Read more here:

You can subscribe to the Lynn News to support your local press whilst you are on-line reading the news article too.

You can support the One to One Project with a donation here:

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is the 18th to the 24th May 2020.

This year it is focusing on the power and potential of kindness.

The Mental Health Foundation has set the theme in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the week is to be used to celebrate acts of kindness.

You can locate resources from the Foundation, in terms of posters and new media materials here.

Discover the MHF home page here.

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Our professional forum

Welcome to the One to One professional forum.

Together, on-line…

Here we can share, interact and post information, professional advice and details of anything from events to professional body updates.

To participate you will need to be logged in. Log-in details can be completed at the foot of this page.

If you have difficult accessing our information, or establishing your presence in our professional forum, do please contact our site administrator.

Do please note that all posted comments and uploads will be subject to moderation by default.

Our team hope that this will become an enduring resource, not only for our charity and service, but for the wider professional community across East Anglia.

About One to One

The One to One Project was established with charitable status in 1984, to provide long term professional support to adults (aged 18 and over) in West Norfolk who are experiencing emotional and/or social distress and mental health difficulties.

The Project has evolved and developed over the years to meet the needs of its diverse local community and now provides Counselling, Mentoring and Group Work in a comfortable and confidential environment near King’s Lynn town centre or in one of our outreach venues across the county.

Our aim is to provide a non-judgemental space in which you can explore the difficulties you may be facing. Our services will provide you with the opportunity to talk in confidence and work towards a clearer understanding of yourself and your needs. We do not provide you with answers or advice, but will support you in finding your own way forward.

The One to One Project is part funded by the organisations you can see at the foot of each web page. The remainder is made up from charitable donations and relies on the generosity of our supporters and those who use our services. Although we are committed to providing free services to our clients, we encourage those, who are able, to make a financial contribution towards the services they receive.

Please click here to read the One to One Project Independent Evaluation, carried out by Enable East in 2016.

One to One Project – Nelson House, Bergen way, North Lynn Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2DE

Opening Hours – post crisis.

Monday – WednesdayThursdayFriday
9:00 am – 3:30 pm9:00 am – 8:00 pm9:00 am – 1:00 pm

It has been decided in the interests of staff, clients and volunteers that the One to One project will close until further notice, based on the current government directive. We have taken every precaution to safeguard all visitors to the project and after much deliberation we have decided that closure remains the best and safest course of action.

Telephone calls to the project will receive a limited response as this is currently a restricted service, however messages can be left on the answerphone and we will respond to them as and when we can:

Tel: 07593 410376

Emails will be responded to daily. For enquires please email: or

Thank you very much to all our funders and supporters
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